September 30

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  1. karim

    yes!! i got all of them correct except for question 4 no!!! (chapter 4 lesson 2 estimating sums and differences)

  2. seanbradley (Post author)

    Well done! In fact, you probably got #4 correct as the text made a mistake. The answer should be 4500, not 3500.

  3. seanbradley (Post author)

    Great job. Another busy night. I hope that you can take a break over the weekend!

  4. Ayham

    Mr.bradley in problem banks there are only 2 questions that are lessons 1 to 3 so i think that it is not alot of work so should i do all of the page or only do the 2 questions

  5. seanbradley (Post author)

    Your quiz will only be on lessons 1 to 3. I wouldn’t bother doing the other Problem Bank questions at this time. I would do some of the Skills Bank and Chapter Review questions if you like. Well done.

  6. Amina

    I just did some 2-D gemotry and checked it….. On march break

    And did something you will be surpised about…wait until we get back to school!!!did some math just so I get to go on the blog!!!

  7. Suvansh

    Hello Mr. Bradley. I hope you’re having an awesome March Break!
    I did some 2D geometry at home on March Break. It was fun!

  8. seanbradley (Post author)

    I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the 2D Geometry. Enjoy the last couple days of the break.

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